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We Are Your Social Good Community

Be Social Change is a community-driven nonprofit on a mission to educate and connect the next generation of change makers. Through community-building, entrepreneurship education, and resource-sharing platforms we empower people from all sectors and industries to pursue work they are passionate about and create lives that make the world a better place. Our vision is to create a world where every entrepreneur is a social entrepreneur, every career is an impact-driven career, and every business is a socially-conscious business. Join us in making this vision a reality.



We Are a Platform for You to Learn,
Explore & Discover How to
Be Social Change



BSC Events – Your Social Good Navigator

Be Social Change Events provides you with a framework for quickly plugging into the social good ecosystem. Through engaging panel discussions, fireside chats, social good debates, interactive networking meetups as well as curating the best community events, classes, jobs and impact-opportunities in our weekly Be Social Change Guide, we create paths for you to make a positive impact on the world in your own unique way.


We Educate & Train People
to Become Entrepreneurial


BSC Classes – Professional Development for Social Good

Be Social Change Classes provide entrepreneurship and professional development education equipping professionals, founders, and creatives with the knowledge and skills for building purpose-driven careers, startups, and non-profits. Through applied learning and practical training we help people develop the 21st century skills for creating positive and sustainable impact.


We Strategically Connect You to the
People & Resources Needed to
Accelerate Your Impact



The Collaborative Unlocking Our Collective Impact

The Collaborative is our in-person + online social innovation network for purpose-driven professionals, social entrepreneurs, and creative change agents to connect across sectors, share ideas and resources, and support each others collective impact. Our goal is to better connect you to the people and tools that will make you more productive while providing a trusted community of supporters invested in your professional and personal development. The Collaborative offers you a set of curated benefits including access to a diverse network of social innovators, private networking, resource-sharing tools, peer-to-peer support, mentorship, office hours, personal branding opportunities, discounts to BSC programming plus a dedicated community management team!

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  • Collab Online

    Exclusive access to a cross-sector network of social innovators searchable by expertise, industry, issue area & current projects

  • The Exchange

    Online + in-person forums for peer-to-peer support including a resource exchange platform, solution salons & mentorship opportunities

  • Circles

    Curated networking events, dinners, panel discussion & weekend gatherings helping members strategically build their professional networks

  • BSC Concierge

    Dedicated community management with office hours & connections to impact opportunities related to your needs, work & interests

  • PR Opportunites

    Exclusive personal branding & PR opportunities via BSC social media channels, spotlight interviews & promotion of member events & projects

  • Discounts

    Discounts to all public BSC events & classes along with products & services from our social good partner organizations


We Provide Opportunities to Share
Your Talents & Skills with the
Be Social Change Community



BSC Volunteers Give Back & Create Impact

We provide people with engaging volunteer opportunities where you can share your time, talents and skills to help grow the impact of Be Social Change. Act as an ambassador at BSC Events, assist Makers Institute instructors with classes, become a writer or editor for BSC Insights, work on research projects and strategic initiatives, or propose and execute on something new!